All-in-One-Gestures with Firefox 3.0b2pre

Posted by ryan in linux

If you've recently upgraded to the new Firefox 3.0b2pre, you're no doubt frustrated by the lack of plugins that are enabled at this point. If you're like me, these are essential to the Firefox experience. So without further ado, let's get our plugins back (specifically all-in-one-gesture).

Step1: Enable your plugins
In Firefox, browse to the url: about:config Look for a Preference Name called "extensions.checkCompatibility" (you may or may not have it). If you do have it, simply right click on it and set its value to false. This tells firefox not to check and make sure all your plugins are compatible with the new Firefox. If you don't have this Preference Name, simple right click anywhere, go down to new, and over to Boolean. Put in the name: extensions.checkCompatibility, and set it to false.

Now, if you restarted Firefox, all your plugins would be reenabled. However, if you're using the all-in-one gestures plugin, when you restart, your firefox will hang for about 20 seconds, at which point Firefox will ask you if you want to disable the non-responding script of all-in-one gestures. You can disable it and continue, but without the beloved all-in-one gestures plugin.

Fortunately, you can download the fixed plugin here. I simply disabled a bit of code that was causing problems. I haven't noticed any problems, but if something isn't working related to "autoscrolling", then this might be the reason.

Update Jan 6, 2008
thanks to Jes for correcting my mistake of setting extensions.checkCompatibility to true (correct value now above in bold).

Download: All-In-One Gestures (fixed)

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