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The Symfony Plugin sfAdminDashPlugin is perfect for developers who routinely create applications for clients that include an admin (backoffice) section. This plugin allows you to create an attractive admin area, with very little effort.

Working with Symfony's Jobeet tutorial is a fantastic way to learn and advance your Symfony knowledge despite your level of expertise. In this article, I touch on several highlights and discuss ways in which my own code had strayed from the central vision of Symfony.

With version 1.2, Symfony's Routing system has been completely overhauled. This entry points to an article by Kris Wallsmith on how to route your application based on the requester's subdomain.

In a recent post, Symfony founder Fabien Potencier discusses one quick method of creating links between Symfony applications.

We create a highly functional Symfony form to easily manage information about an Author and his/her Publications. Using embedForm and AJAX, this article serves as a strong example of a very functional form whose objects are Propel objects.